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12 Benefits of Growing Organic

April 4, 2018


I might talk about this but doing it is another story, I have never been much of a green thumb lady. My mother was always so good at gardening and planting but I simply never got a love for it. However I can certainly appreciate those who do as it not only looks beautiful when done correctly but it's so much better for you. 


Growing your own vegetables is a huge benefit to your health, why you ask well because you are in full control of what comes into contact with it. Which means no added preservatives, no pesticides and best of all totally fresh too. 


I mean who doesn't love fresh picked vegetables or fruits straight from the garden, they are so much more tasty too. 


 Top Reasons why you should consider organic planting:


  1. Easy to Start
  2. Healthy and Enjoyable 
  3. Knowledge is priceless
  4. Preparing for the unexpected 
  5. Become self sufficient and Independent 
  6. Live in a greener world 
  7. Eat and live healthier 
  8. Something to be proud of
  9. Make it a family thing
  10. Make your lawn useful 
  11. Not a lot of space required 
  12. Live in abundance 



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