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Making the Most of Your Trip to the Farmer's Market

May 9, 2018

Fresh vegetables on your weekly visit to the farmers market or your local grocery store can be simple as long as you prepare yourself before you go. It's easy to get overwhelmed by all the food options on the market today. We can be tempted to buy things that catch our attention, but might not be the best option for our bodies. So here is a few tips on how to make your trips to super market successful: 


  • Make a list and stick to it 

  • Eat before you go so your not hungry when you see the food 

  • Meal plan prior to shopping so you know what you need and don't get overwhelmed 

  • Avoid high sugar items by not stopping in the bakery aisle if there is one

  • Shop the organic section 

  • Read your labels, what might seem healthy is not always true

If you are following a #ketodiet or #lowcarb just remember to stay away from high sugar fruit and all wheat based products. Most people don't realize that when it comes to our health and keeping our body on the right track, it's important we think about the type of foods we eat and avoid "low fat" and "high sugar" as that will always end up being replaced with bad fats or extra sugar, which in turn is much worse. 


Happy shopping and if you have questions or need ideas for meal planning, be sure to subscribe to my newsletter or follow me on my social networks for great ideas. 





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