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Have you wondered what's better for you? Low Carb or Low Fat?

April 19, 2018

This is such a great topic. In the past many years I have learned a lot about fat and carbs and how each of them differ in your body. So what many of us ask ourselves daily is what is better for you? Eating low fat or eating low carbs? 


Well I certainly am no doctor or expert, one thing I can say is that being afraid of fat is and will be your worst enemy. Why?? Well because we need fats in our body to create fuel. Now of course don't confuse yourself with bad fats and good fats cause there is definitely bad fats out there, but most people don't even understand where the bad fats come from. 


First thing's first, do your best to really watch your sugar levels despite your health cause that will be your worst enemy. If you want to stay healthy, reduce cellulite, increase energy and bone movement stay away from high sugar foods, artificial sugars and low fat products. These will all turn into bad fat and end up stored in your body and make you gain weight. 


Good news is that you can still indulge in the things you love you just need to be a little more mindful and watch those ingredients, what might seem good for you (low fat, no sugar added) in turn can end up with ingredients like "Aspartame, or sucrolose" which are bad sugars and can cause more health problems then good, down the road. 


Now there is ways to eat those sweets and yummy treats guilt free and packed with the right kind of ingredients. Plus are more beneficial for you cause they have a high amount of good fat, and sometimes even protein (depending on how they are made) plus will allow for low carbs as well and will actually help you lose weight instead of gain OMG RIGHT??

 When you are looking to lose weight and stay healthy by feeding your body proper nutrients. Stick with high fats, high protein and low carb meal options. Avoid sugar at all cost if you can, but if you want some sweetness just make sure to use only "Natural Sweeteners" like the following: 


  • Stevia

  • Monk Sugar

  • Erythritol 

  • Mannitol

Sugar is one of the worst things to have in your diet cause most sugars contain carbohydrates and will end up stored as fat to try and burn off the carbs you put in.  When you follow a keto diet you are instead feeding your body good high fat foods that become fuel and are used to burn off your energy instead of carbs, as long as you follow a low carb diet of 50g or less of carbs a day. 


Want to learn what kind of macros your body needs each day to loose weight and stay healthy - go check out this macro calculator to find your perfect plan and allowable foods.  


Questions or need help, never hesitate to contact me. Always happy to help











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